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Handled Whole Sealing

Handled Whole Sealing

Fully use of the big power supply capacity of Vehicle (12V), Shipping (24V) and some other Mechanical and Electrical Equipment to support time working. Connect the P connector to the battery socket; Screw it that is ok. Reinforcing Propylene. appropriative lamp package, Oxonian Nylon Bag. HID Handled Whole Sealing Searching Light is the vital useful tool for Seacoast Patrol, Marine Police Rescue, Yacht, and Fisher who are working on the sea.

outdoor search, highway patrol, lake and sea search and site rescue, etc.

Model No JYC800-12V
Input voltage DC 13.8V
Starting current 5 - 8A (Up to 12A)
Steady current DC 4A
Lamp power 55W
Maximum lumens 5000 LM
Lamp life >2200 HRS
Color temp 6000K
Beam angle 0.1º ∼ 15º
Distance 1500m
Weight 1200g
Dimensions 187mm × 170mm × 265mm

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