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Remote control search light

Remote control search light

Wireless Remote Control Searching Light which is the vital useful tool of Yacht, Fisher for working on the sea, also widely use for vehicle and SUV.About the installation, we design two types, one can adsorb on the roof of Yacht, Vehicle, SUV, it is magnetic, avoid of destruct the roof, we add a plastic gaskets at the bottom of the lamp; one use screw to fix it on the top the Yacht, Fisher, Vehicle, SUV.

outdoor search, highway patrol, lake and sea search and site rescue, etc.

Input voltage DC 12V / 24V
Steady current DC 4A
Lamp power 55W
Maximum lumens 5200 LM
Lamp life >2200 HRS
Color temp 6500K
Moving range Left and right 380º / 137º vertically
Remote control distance 50m
spinning speed 25º ±4º / s
Distance 1500m
Weight 2600g
Dimensions 200mm × 185mm × 180mm
Fixed method Bracket / Sucker

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lighting Practical Immediately

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