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Easy taken light product for on-the-spot investigation, so as to fit for criminal spy demand, use the most advanced single wavelength light source, can last 3hrs by normal dry cell, it can display visible wavelength to UV wavelength which are selective light for search. Main use for searching, the dactylogram and footprint searching left at scene; detect the body fluid, poison, pesticide, explosive residual and Censorship, it is the fantastic lighting facility of criminal technicians.

Model No LED-008E
Input voltage DC 3.7V
Steady current DC 750mA
Lamp power 3W
Lamp life >20000HRS
30cm from the spot 15cm
Beam angle ± 13º
Spot uniformity ≥ 85%
Battery DC 3.7V / 2.2Ah
Run Time ≥3
Charger DC 4.2V / 600mA
Weight 180g × 5
Dimensions 140mm × 35mm × 35mm
Output wavelength Purple 395-405nm
Blue 450-480nm
White 420-680nm
Green 500-550nm
Red 615-635nm

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