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Handled Search Light

Handled Search Light

LED-QS001 is a professional diving torch light. It can be used when there is insufficient light from the day. With the QS001 torch light, the divers can also film in the night time and keep the amazing moments into their devices.

underwater rescure, diving lighting and filming, etc.

Model No LED-QS001
Input voltage DC 6 - 12V
Steady current DC 2.8A
Lamp power 10W
Lamp life > 10000HRS
Beam Angle 120º
Uniformity ≥ 90%
Type of battery 32650 × 3
Lit battery cap 5500mAh × 3
Run Time ≥5 HRS
Color temperature 6000K
Max Lumens 1000 LM
Body material Aviation aluminum
Diving depth 100m underwater
Battery lifetime ≥500
Weight 1150g
Dimensions 310mm × 73mm × 66mm
Lighting sourc 1 CREE-XM-L-T4
warm white LED bead
color temperature: 6000K
white LED beads
color temperature: 6000K
color temperature: 610-630NM

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