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Handled Search Light

Handled Search Light

LED-QS002 is a professional and perfect torch light for underwater filming, it is the best choice for the divers filming and photo taking. Besides,QS-002 light is also the best choice for the underwater engineering which requires the high level brightness.

underwater engineering; diving filming and photo taking; normal lighting; etc.

Model No LED-QS002
Input voltage DC 11.1V
Steady current DC 2.8A
Lamp power 30W
Maximum lumens 3000 LM
Lamp life 10000HRS
Color temp 6000K
Beam angle 120º
Battery 5500mAh*3
Run Time Highlight 2 / Low 4 / Flash 8 hours
Battery Life ≥ 500 times
Function highlight > middle light > flashing
Dive depth Underwater 100m
Body material Aviation grade aluminum alloy
Body color Athens black
Weight 1000g
Dimensions 310mm × 73mm × 73mm

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