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Handled Search Light

Handled Search Light

HID Handled Search Light is super bright, waterproof, quakeproof, distance range. Replace filter according the need of different situation.Outdoor searching, Highway patrol, Electric power first-aid repair, Scene reconnaissance and so on. It also can assist rescue team gain more time for rescue.

Ocean Lighting, Enforcement, fire-fighting rescue, Public Lighting, industrial equipment lighting, casual vehicle lighting, Arm Lighting, Outdoor exercise lighting, Vehicle lighting, Agricultural production and so on.

Model No PSL-A1/HID
Input voltage DC 10V ~ 16.8V
Steady current DC 3.2A
Lamp power 45W
Maximum lumens 5000 LM
Lamp life >2200 HRS
Color temp 6000K
Beam angle 0.1º ∼ 15º
Shock resistance 1.5 meters high fall light
Distance 1500m
Battery DC 14.4V / 7.8Ah
Run Time ≥3hrs
Battery Life ≥ 500 times
Charger input voltage AC100~240V&50 / 60HZ
Charging time 5 ~ 6HRS
Charger DC 16.8V / 2A
Weight 1800g
Dimensions 310mm × 122mm × 138mm

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