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Handled Search Light

Handled Search Light

JSM-LED-012A commonly used in: Railway lighting, AK Special troops, patrol, rescue, inspection, security, salvage, SOS. Also used in outdoor activities such as: climbing, camping, hiking, diving and night fishing.

Features: Multi-functional signal lamp with white, yellow and uniform lighitng(color is adjustable when needed); 120 Degree beam angle; 2 lithium battery for high efficiency constant current circuit; The circuit has anti - reverse design, even if the battery is not installed correctly, it will not cause any damage; Aviation aluminum, Anti-corrosion.

Model No LED-012A
Input voltage DC 6 - 12V
Steady current DC 750mA
Lamp power 10W
Lamp life > 10000HRS
Beam Angle 120º
Uniformity ≥ 90%
Type of battery 26650 × 2
Lit battery cap 3500mAH × 2
Run Time ≥3 小时
Color temperature 6000K
Weight 540g
Dimensions 233mm × 56mm × 56mm
Lighting sourc 1 REE-XM-L-T6
warm white LED bead
color temperature: 6000K
white LED beads
color temperature: 6000K
color temperature: 610-630NM

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